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The Machinery Dealers Co-op Service

Machinery Dealers Co-Op Listing Service




The Co-Op Listing Service is a way for all machinery dealers to save both time and money.  The goal is to help dealers make greater profits.  However, there are costs involved in producing any service and while The Glorian Corporation does not make any profit from the service, it does need to recoup these expenses.


We request that all machinery dealers who use and/or benefit from this service please send in an annual payment as remuneration for this advertising service. Usually dealers send these payments in the spring and early summer. The amount you send is voluntary.  In response to your many requests we are providing a breakdown of typical annual payment amounts:

  • If you regularly scan the emails - $50.

  • If you’ve done business as a consequence - $75 to 100.00.

  • If you occasionally place a listing - $75 to 100.00.

  • If you list machines every week - $150.00.

  • And if you list machines on a daily basis; $200.00 or more.


Please send your checks to:

The Glorian Corporation

15200 W. Lincoln Blvd.

Oak Park, MI 48237

Overseas users may request banking information to wire transfer funds.  Please send your request to


Please note; Payment is not mandatory in order to submit listings or to receive daily emailings.   No one is removed from the Co-Op list unless they specifically request it in order to give all dealer listings as much exposure as possible.


The Glorian Corporation
15200 West Lincoln Boulevard
Oak Park, MI 48237
Cell Phone: 414-708-2178

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