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The Machinery Dealers Co-op Service

How To Submit Listings: FOR SALE and WANTED

To post your MACHINERY FOR SALE and/or MACHINERY WANTED listings,
simply send an email to:

Subject Heading:

Please label your email to us for the FOR SALE or the WANTED list. (Note; you may include both FOR SALE and WANTED in one clearly labeled email.)


The desired format for your individual listings should be; 1-2 lines per machine, with listings of 5-6 lines for extraordinary machines.


It's most affective if FOR SALE or WANTED listings doesn't exceed 15 machines per day. If you want to list more than this amount, we recommend that you consider dividing your list over several days. Of course, we can be flexible for special circumstances.

Contact Information:

Please include with each e-mail sent to us;

The Glorian Corporation
15200 West Lincoln Boulevard
Oak Park, MI 48237
Cell Phone: 414-708-2178

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